Get Your Mojo Back, And Drink Coffee


What’s in a word?

Well, this one carries a lot of different meanings. And they are all closely related to coffee.

How about: he has the mojo, meaning he has a powerful and sexy energy around him. Well if there is anything that gives energy, it has to be coffee.

It’s hot, energetic, and give you a good feeling. That is almost a direct copy of what mojo stands for.

So when we were looking for a good name we couldn’t bring ourselves to not include the word mojo.

Why cartel you ask?

Well, that is because we want to bring you an unfair advantage. Forget about justice and rightfulness, the people that supply your coffee have no such obligations.

They are almost completely driven by their bottom line, their bonus, and their shareholders.

So we bring you a way to fight that: by forming a cartel.

Stay tuned for more!1